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This page last updated August 26, 2023. Some of these lists are hard to hit, so this list may well be current even if a couple of years have gone by.

I generally prefer single-team schedules, but I do save combo skeds in some cases. I'll often save one in cases where I don't have a single-team schedule. White Sox-only schedules from before 1960 can be hard to come by, for example. I also like older combos with beer sponsors.

1961 Dodgers/Angels large booklet picturing Koufax among others
1962 Dodgers/Angels/Western Federal Savings booklet
1964 Dodgers/Angels/L. H. "Larry" Pope Realtor
1964 Dodgers/Angels/MTA brochure
1965 Dodgers/Angels/Hamm's (upgrade needed)
1967 Dodgers/Angels/Hamm's

1887 Athletics (A.A.)/Phillies/Osterhout & Goodrich trade cards, set of four different
1913 Athletics/Phillies/Bege's Saloon
1915 Athletics/Phillies/The Bulletin, aggressive pencil writing inside leads to tear on front
1920s-ish Athletics/Phillies/Parkway Baking Co.
1928 Athletics/Phillies/Dr. Schantz booklet (fair)
1928 Athletics/Phillies street guide
1929 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin (crease)
1930 Athletics/Phillies/The Inquirer, slight split at fold
1933 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin
1935 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin
1936 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin (stamped on inside)
1938 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin (foxing, paper loss)
1939 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin
1940 Athletics/Phillies/Mobilgas Scorecard
1941 Athletics/Phillies/Evening Bulletin (some spots)
1941 Athletics/Phillies/GMC Parts and Service
1946 Athletics/Phillies/Atlantic (minor stains)
1948 Athletics/Phillies/Atlantic
1949 Athletics/Phillies/Dunlap's Service Station
1949 Athletics/Phillies/Atlantic
1949 Athletics/Phillies/Black Horse Ale (foxing, paper loss)
1949 Athletics/Phillies/Valentino H. Pasquarella
1950 Athletics/Phillies/ABC Credit
1950 Athletics/Phillies/Atlantic
1950 Athletics/Phillies/Sealtest
1951 Athletics/Phillies/Herdon Men's Shop
1952 Athletics/Phillies/Atlantic
1952 Athletics/Phillies/Valley Forge (creased)
1954 Athletics/Phillies/Valley Forge (creased)

1968 Athletics/Giants/Hamm's
1969 Athletics/Giants/Hamm's (minor mark on back)
1973 Athletics/Giants/Hamm's

1905 Braves/Red Sox/ES Torrey booklet, back damage
1907 Braves/Red Sox/Pfaff's/Alley's celluloid scorer (undated, worn)
1911 Braves/Red Sox/Pfaff's/Old Alley celluloid scorer (undated)
1913 Braves/Red Sox/Pfaff's/Old Alley celluloid scorer
1915 Braves/Red Sox/The Den Lunch
1915 Braves/Red Sox/Women's Anti-Suffrage Association booklet
1917 Braves/Red Sox/Danforth's, includes grammar school league, high school, and college, two different colors
1917 Braves/Red Sox/Pfaff's/Old Alley celluloid scorer
1923 Braves/Red Sox/Holland's/Tom Barker
1925 Braves/Red Sox/Rhode Island Coach Company (writing)
1927 Braves/Red Sox/Missouri Pacific
1928 Braves/Red Sox/John P. Materson, bottom cut off
1934 Braves/Red Sox/S. S. Pierce's Overland Cigars (vgish)
1935 Braves/Red Sox/Kentucky Club
1936 Braves/Red Sox/Gagliard's (g/vg)
1937 Braves/Red Sox/Socony (scored)
1938 Braves/Red Sox/Ballantine's
1938 Braves/Red Sox/Socony
1939 Braves/Red Sox/Dodges
1941 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert (minor paper loss)
1941 Braves/Red Sox/Tyson Ticket Agency
1941 Braves/Red Sox/Lindbrook's
1942 Braves/Red Sox/Boston Elevated Railway booklet, June and July only
1942 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1943 Braves/Red Sox/Ballantine's (g)
1943 Braves/Red Sox/Mitchell's Barber Shop
1943 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1946 Braves/Red sox/Bradford (June-September)
1946 Braves/Red Sox/Bradford/Lodge
1946 Braves/Red Sox/Dodge's
1946 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert (printing smudges, especially on the back)
1947 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1948 Braves/Red Sox/Narragansett card
1948 Braves/Red Sox/Narragansett booklet "What's What in Baseball"
1948 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1949 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1950 Braves/Red Sox/Enterprise Brewing, fold, a couple of pencil marks inside
1950 Braves/Red Sox/Narragansett
1950 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1950 Braves/Red Sox/Seagram's (folded in a direction in which it was not intended to be folded)
1951 Braves/Red Sox/Krueger
1951 Braves/Red Sox/Boston Post
1951 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1952 Braves/Red Sox/Esso
1952 Braves/Red Sox/Hyman Bros.
1952 Braves/Red Sox/Ruppert
1953 Braves/Red Sox/Boston Heating & Plumbing Supply Corp. blotter
1953 Braves/Red Sox/Knickerbocker

1902 Browns/Cardinals/Harris Shoe Co.
1904 Browns/Cardinals/Geo. Diel & Bro's celluloid card
1904 Browns/Cardinals World's Fair booklet
1911 Browns/Cardinals/ABC/Alpen Brau
1915 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (well-worn, missing back cover)
1917 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (creases)
1921 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (well-worn)
1922 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (well-worn)
1925 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats creases, paper loss, chipped corner
1925 Browns/Cardinals/Spalding
1926 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (vg)
1926 Browns/Cardinals/Friedman-Klinge Cigar Co.
1926 Browns/Cardinals/St. Louis Post-Dispatch booklet
1927 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (rips, creases)
1927 Browns/Cardinals/Lincoln Medical Office, torn corner
1928 Browns/Cardinals Street Guide, contains Negro National League schedule.
1929 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (creases) 1930 Browns/Cardinals/Ben Miller Hats (cover loose, taped, chipped)
1930 Browns/Cardinals Street Guide, contains Negro National League schedule. For a long time, this was the only printed season schedule I had ever seen for any Negro League.
1933 Browns/Cardinals/Missouri Pacific Lines (8-1/2" x 11" sheet)
1935 Browns/Cardinals/12 Mile House (low grade)
1936 Browns/Cardinals/Bud's Barn
1936 Browns/Cardinals/Hyde Park
1939 Browns/Cardinals/National Medical Institute Booklet (low grade)
1940 Browns/Cardinals/St. Louis Post-Dispatch (g)
1945 Browns/Cardinals/Griesedieck Bros.
1948 Browns/Cardinals/St. Louis Globe-Democrat
1950 Browns/Cardinals/Pennzoil vg, tack holes
June 1952 Browns/Cardinals/Manchester Bank blotter, vg
1952 Browns/Cardinals/St. Louis Post-Dispatch (folded in a direction in which it was not intended to be folded)
1953 Browns/Cardinals/Birchbrook and others (g/vg)
1953 Browns/Cardinals/Haase's

1909 Cubs/White Sox/Inter Ocean's tear/creases
1911 Cubs/White Sox/The Inter Ocean
1912 Cubs/White Sox/Jospeph R. Burres
1923 Cubs/White Sox/Morrison
1924 Cubs/White Sox/Madison's Millinery Shop blotter
1924 Cubs/White Sox/Reliable Drug Company
1927 Cubs/White Sox/Goes Lithographing Co.
1927 Cubs/White Sox Street Guide
1928 Cubs/White Sox/Brewers/Milwaukee Sentinel
1929 Cubs/White Sox JW Butler Paper Company blotter
1929 Cubs/White Sox/Commonwealth Paper (writing)
1929 Cubs/White Sox/Edythe Nordsven
1929 Cubs/White Sox street guide
1930 Cubs/White Sox street guide
1931 Cubs/White Sox/Fox Plaza/Nowiny Polskie
1931 Cubs/White Sox/Yellow Cab
1931 Cubs/White Sox Street Guide
1932 Cubs/White Sox Street Guide
1932 Cubs/White Sox/Blue Ribbon Malt
1932 Cubs/White Sox/The Crusaders celluloid card
1932 Cubs/White Sox/McCormick Building Barber Shop blotter
1932 Cubs/White Sox/Prima feature match book, missing some matches, g
1932 Cubs/White Sox/Useful Information and Notebook
1933 Cubs/White Sox/Jay W. Brown blotter
1933 Cubs/White Sox/Pabst Blue Ribbon
1933 Cubs/Whtie Sox street guide
1934 Cubs/White Sox/Erling M. Enderson vg
1934 Cubs/White Sox/S Kabil (Tavern Pale Beer)
1935 Cubs/White Sox/Adams Bros. Harbor Garage (damage along fold)
1935 Cubs/White Sox/Koppers Coke notepad
1935 Cubs/White Sox/Dr. Mabee street guide, creases
1935 Cubs/White Sox/Texaco
1936 Cubs/White Sox/Detroit & Cleveland Navigation
1936 Cubs/White Sox/Dr. Ross Health Service and Laboratories street guide
1936 Cubs/White Sox/Ralston Radio Services
1936 Cubs/White Sox/M & S Buffet (pencil)
1937 Cubs/White Sox Birk's Superb
1937 Cubs/White Sox/Street Guide
1938 Cubs/White Sox/A. Glenn Carpenter
1938 Cubs/White Sox/Century Club
1938 Cubs/White Sox/Mobilgas
1938 Cubs/White Sox/William A. Roray
1938 Cubs/White Sox/Street Guide (well worn)
1939 Cubs/White Sox/Century Bonded Whiskey
1939 Cubs/White Sox Street Guide, corner tear
1939 Cubs/White Sox/WBBM decal
1940 Cubs/White Sox/Agar Packing & Provision Corp.
1940 Cubs/White Sox/Century Bonded Whiskey
1940 Cubs/White Sox street guide
1941 Cubs/White Sox/Illinois Health Institute Street Guide, wrinkles
1943 Cubs/White Sox/Chicago Sun
1944 Cubs/White Sox/Keeley Brewing booklet "Interesting Facts About Chicago"
1946 Cubs/White Sox/Herald American
1948 Cubs/White Sox/Brewers/Milwaukee Journal bank envelope, wear, stains
1949 Cubs/White Sox/Brewers/Milwaukee Sentinel
1949 Cubs/White Sox/Brewers/Milwaukee Journal bank envelope
1949 Cubs/White Sox/12th St. Barber Shop
1949 Cubs/White Sox/Winona Service soap sheet booklet
1952 Cubs/White Sox/City Guide
1952 Cubs/White Sox/Esserman Motor Sales
1953 Cubs/White Sox Chicago American (small stain, inside isn't terribly clean)
1954 Cubs/White Sox/Coca-Cola (heavy crease)
1954 Cubs/White Sox/Braves/Local Loan Co.
1955 Cubs/White Sox/Coca-Cola
1956 Cubs/White Sox/Coca-Cola
1956 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1957 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1958 Cubs/White Sox/Chicago City Bank
1959 Cubs/White Sox/Braves/First National Bank of Chicago (large)
1959 Cubs/White Sox/Oklahoma (paper clip mark)
1960 Cubs/White Sox/Batt's
1960 Cubs/White Sox/St. Pauli
1961 Cubs/White Sox/Budweiser (oversized, from newspaper)
1962 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1963 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's (light crease)
1964 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1965 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1966 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1966 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's oversized g
1967 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1968 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's
1969 Cubs/White Sox/Hamm's

1903 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/The World booklet, folded
1908 Giants/Yankees/Thomas McMullen (Routh Olive Oil and many beers)
1909 Giants/Yankees/Vogel Brothers (multiple small, celluloid cards with tissue between and a grommet holding them together.
1911 Giants/Yankees/Yellow Taxicab
1912 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/New York Evening Journal
1913 Giants/Yankees West Side Savings Bank
1914 Giants/Yankees/New York American
1915 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Tip-Tops (!) What's Going On In New York week of June 21, 1915
1915 Giants/Yankees/Royal Hand Laundry
1915 Giants/Yankees/The Navarre/Hudson Navigation Co./Theatres, Shops, Points of Interest booklet
1916 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Spalding
1917 Giants/Yankees/World Series Score Board Co., Inc. "Casey at the Bat" booklet, very well worn
1918 Giants/Yankees/Romie Effenberger
1923 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Spalding's
1926 Giants/Yankees/Missouri Pacific
1926 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Clemons
1928 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Clemons
1929 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Evening World booklet
1931 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/New York Evening Post vg
1932 Giants/Yankees/Waterbury American/Republican (fair)
1935 Giants/Yankees/White Tower Hamburgers vg
1936 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Feigenspan
1936 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Church-Lane Clothes
1937 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/4 Minute Crossing, has a slight bend thanks to an incompetent eBay seller
1938 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/4 Minute Crossing, wrinkles
1938 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees Jack Dempsey's menu, stains
1938 Giants/Yankees/(American) Lumbermans Mutual Casualty Company of Illinois
1938 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/New York World-Telegram, starting to split at fold
1939 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Socony
1939 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Socony (card)
1939 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/4 Minute Crossing
1940 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Walker Goulard Plehn Co. (stained)
1941 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/4 Minute Crossing
1941 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/New Deal Lunch (light rusty paper clip marks)
1942 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/4 Minute Crossing
1942 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Benj. H. Tyrrel (stains)
1942 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/John E. Hirten Insurance
1942 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Printcraft Press
1943 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/The Home Insurance Company
1943 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Nedick's
1944 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Hotel New Yorker
1945 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/George's Diner
1945 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Trommer's, stained
1946 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Hotel New Yorker blotter, damage on back, possibly incomplete
1946 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/The Sun
1946 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/George I. Purlington
1947 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Herald Tribune, pictures Joe DiMaggio and a couple others, unfolded
1947 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/The Sun
1947 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Hotel New Yorker
1947 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Nedick's
1947 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Trommer's (price in pencil on front)
1947 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/William Penn Blended Whiskey
1949 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Trommer's
1950 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Trommer's
1950 Giants/Yankees/Blue Crane Restaurant
1950 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase National Bank
1950 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Seamen's Bank (missing a panel)
1950 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Valmart New York, Inc. (Brown and Bigelow card with nude pin-up)
1950 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/E. Wagemans & Son, Inc. (writing)
1951 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase National Bank
1951 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Events in New York State booklet
1951 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Krueger
1951 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Manufacturers Trust Company (booklet featuring illustrations by Willard Mullin)
1951 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Seamen's Bank for Savings
1952 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase
1952 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Greenwich Saving Bank
1952 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Herman's Formal Wear
1952 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Manufacturers Trust Company (booklet featuring illustrations by Willard Mullin, lightly soiled)
1952 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Schaefer, unfolded, slight discoloration near right edge
1952 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Seamen's Bank for Savings
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Barnes & Noble
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Borden's booklet (wrinkles, faded areas)
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Hotel Martinique
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/M & W Radio Corp. (minor stain)
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Manufacturers Trust Company (booklet featuring illustrations by Willard Mullin)
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Metro Ticket Agency
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Miller's Lamb (thumb crease)
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/National City Bank of New York (light stains)
1953 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Pepsi stamped
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Beech-Nut Gum (pictures Mays, Snider, and Berra)
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/DuMont
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Greenwich Savings Bank
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Manufacturers Trust Company (booklet featuring illustrations by Willard Mullin)
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Miller's Lamb
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Schaefer
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Seamen's Bank for Savings (stains)
1954 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Suffern Distributors (Schaefer/Miller High Life)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase National Bank
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Connecticut Bank (bent)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/First National Bank & Trust blotter (stains)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Green Point Savings Bank
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Greenwich Savings Bank
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Half-Dime Savings Bank
1955 Giants/Ddogers/Yankees/Kings County Savings Bank vg/ex
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Red Sox/Hartford-Connecticut Trust Company (crease, staple holes)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Hickey's Ticket Agency
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Manufacturers Trust Company (booklet featuring illustrations by Willard Mullin)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/National City Bank of New York booklet
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Pepsi (wrinkled, stained)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/The Seamen's Bank
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Stadler's (split at fold)
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Subway Parking Jamaica
1955 Giants/Dodgers/Phillies/Yankees/Canfield Paper Company booklet
1956 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase Manhattan Bank
1956 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Paul Daube
1956 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Pepsi
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/The Bank for Savings (Pee Wee Reese)
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Chase Manhattan Bank
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/First National City Bank of New York booklet
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Kings County Savings Bank
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Manufacturers Trust Company (booklet featuring illustrations by Willard Mullin)
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Old Crow
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Pepsi
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/Seamen's Bank for Savings
1957 Giants/Dodgers/Yankees/TJ Krener & Company, Inc., small stains, a couple of dates circled
1951 Dodgers/Red Sox D'Andrea's
1955 Dodgers/Yankees/Cas & Al Sanitary Barber Shop
1962 Mets/Yankees/Federation Bank and Trust Company
1962 Mets/Yankees/Meadow Brook National Bank
1962 Mets/Yankees/Pepsi
1962 Mets/Yankees/Wilson
1963 Mets/Yankees/Pepsi (stained)
1963 Mets/Yankees/Phillies/Wilson
1964 Mets/Yankees/Pepsi
1965 Mets/Yankees/The Call
1968 Mets/Yankees/Empire Ticket Service
1968 Mets/Yankees/Racing/Fishing/Paragon Oil
1970 Mets/Yankees/Howard National Bank (writing inside, tack hole in back panel)
1987 Mets/Yankees OV oversized

1935 Indians/Pirates/Youngstown Vindicator
1936 Indians/Pirates/Youngstown Vindicator
1958 Indians/Pirates/Paul Jones

1935 Indians/Reds/Columbus/Toledo/Sohio (split along one fold)
1936 Indians/Reds/Marrion W. Mann
1938 Indians/Reds/Toledo/Columbus/Old Quaker Brand vg
1939 Indians/Reds/Columbus/Toledo/Mobilgas
1940 Indians/Reds/Columbus/Toledo/Mobilgas
1941 Indians/Reds/Columbus/Toledo/Mobilgas
1942 Indians/Reds/Columbus/Mills Restaurants
1952 Indians/Reds/Pirates girlie picture appears to have been torn from a calendar or some such.

1960 Orioles/Phillies/Paul Jones a couple creases

1954 Orioles/Senators/National Bohemian
1955 Orioles/Senators/National Bohemian
1956 Orioles/Senators/National Bohemian
1957 Orioles/Senators/National Bohemian (paper clip mark)
1958 Orioles/Senators/National Bohemian
1962 Orioles/Senators/Tastykake

1958 Phillies/Yankees/Pepsi (minor creases)

1958 Red Sox/Yankees/Knickerbocker

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